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Perfect Proof


Who do we help?
Our story

Perfect Proof is the result of my many years of frustration at the poor writing I've witnessed across the internet, among professionals, and even among some of the writers I've worked with over the course of my 20-year career.

It’s well documented that typos and poor spelling can cost businesses money, or worse – their reputation. The same applies to writers and authors, who can lose out on commissions, or make publishers' and agents' toes curl when they read your manuscript.

A typo here, or a stray apostrophe there, can send clients running to the competition, make people question your professionalism or otherwise diminish your authority.

Our mission is ensure that your writing is word-perfect.


Agents and publishers are saturated with submissions, and mistakes can cost you dearly. Hiring a professional proofreader to cast an eye over your manuscript could be the difference between success and failure. Let us help. Services include line-editing, proofreading, critiquing and writing consultancy.


If your in-house proofreaders are overwhelmed, we’ll pick up the slack. Perfect Proof offers top-quality professional proofreading and line-editing services.

​Companies have to churn out vast amounts of copy to shout above the crowd. But turning out blogs and marketing collateral that are below par is counter-productive. We’ll ensure your copy is error-free and makes the kind of first impression that counts.


Submitting your dissertation? Our proofreading service will ensure that you don’t drop critical marks due to errors on your research paper or thesis.


We proofread and edit courses and educational resources for schools and colleges. 


What do we do?
Why us?

Our ethos

Our business premise is simple: to provide top-quality services, great customer care and fair pricing.

Guaranteed quality

Quality is at the core of everything we do, and our mission is to help you communicate clearly through your writing, be it your first book, a business report or a website.

If we fail to live up to this, we offer our customers a partial refund. See Pricing, below, for details or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.


Experienced editors

Perfect Proof provides a range of editing services, including proofreading and line editing. We've worked with authors, businesses, writers, publishers and educators.


Work is primarily carried out by Shirley McLellan, with support from a network of freelance editors and proofreaders who are equally qualified and able to pick up work at short notice.


All work is double-checked by a senior editor; you'll be introduced to your editor at the start of the process.


We provide professional proofreading and editing of:

  • Books (fiction/non-fiction)

  • Reports

  • Journals

  • Theses

Use the contact form below to find out how we can help.




Proofreading is the final check of your work before publishing. We’ll check your work for common errors, such as grammar, spelling and punctuation. This includes checking links and graphics.

This is a one-stage process; however, if we spot glaring errors in your work, we may advise our line-editing service, or suggest working with you on a consultative basis.


Copy-editing or line editing is more in-depth than proofreading. This is a sentence-level service that checks text for grammar, spelling and punctuation, and also addresses issues such as syntax, flow, repetition, tone and accuracy. Where required, we’ll carry out light rewriting.

If we feel that the copy needs a more rigorous check, we may advise a final proofread of the text, as heavy editing may introduce new errors. We’ll discuss your requirements after reviewing your copy.


Book critiquing and proofreading

We offer a dual proofreading and critiquing service for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.


This service is suitable for first-time writers as well as published authors. We'll proofread part (50 pages, or approximately 10,000 words) or all of your manuscript and provide a professional critique looking at elements such as structure and plot, characterisation, language, pacing, and areas of improvement.

You’ll receive a detailed report and bulleted action points to help you improve your writing. If we feel that you could benefit from ongoing support, we’ll suggest our consultancy service, which offers one-to-one mentoring encompassing the writing and publishing process.  


Want to write a book but have problems putting your ideas into words? Or have a team of writers who are constantly under-performing?

We work with writers, offering a full review of your copy, and feedback to improve your writing skills and give you the confidence to write successfully.

We will:

  • Guide you through common tips and tricks used by professional writers.

  • Advise you on how to reach an audience.

  • Offer a grammar and writing basics refresh.

  • Furnish you with the best-practice knowledge we’ve acquired from 20 years’ experience in journalism, publishing and marketing.


Our charges

For straight-forward proofreading projects, we generally charge per word. However, for consultancy, we will provide you with an hourly rate.

If you’d prefer a fixed charge, we can certainly cater to this and we’ll be happy to talk about day rates or retainers.

When you're ready to book, we'll require a deposit of 25% of the fee we've quoted. This is to book a slot in our schedule.

To provide you with a more accurate quote, send us a sample of the text, total word count and details of your deadline.


Please contact us using the form below.

Your guarantee

We're so confident you'll love the service we provide that we'll offer you a 50% refund OR recheck your work at no cost if our service fails to pass muster. We allow a 10% margin of error; if you can demonstrate that more than 10% of your entire manuscript or document needs additional editing AFTER we've checked it, please contact us.

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Email us: editor@perfect-proof.co.uk.

Call us: ​07340 728 841.

If you're ready to book, use the form below to enter details of your project.

We'll be in touch shortly.

Please note: your data is used for the sole purpose of replying to queries and within the scope of our work together.

"Shirley's clear communication, positive approach to collaborative working, and adherence to a tight project schedule made her a pleasure to work with. 

"We're very happy with the work delivered and would certainly take the opportunity to work with Shirley again."
TP (London)